G.K. Chesterton and the Challenge of Poland

 Magdalena Ziętek, Paweł Kaliniecki

"In the first part of our paper, the concept of the righteous practical reason will be outlined, and the emphasis will be placed on economic issues. Then, we shall briefly introduce the paradigm of modern economic thinking. In the second part of the article, Belloc and Chesterton’s Distributism will be examined within the recta ratio framework. We shall then try to defend the thesis that the tradition of classical political economy has been preserved to a greater extent on Polish territory than in Western Europe. Lastly, a few remarks will be made concerning practical examples of propagating Distributism."

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  1. Mamy nadzieję, że redakcja strony wkrótce prawidłowo sformatuje przypisy.

  2. Radzilbym mniej popisow erudycji a wiecej wlasnych mysli na dobrze zdefiniowany temat.

  3. Zapraszam do merytorycznej dyskusji.