M. Ziętek-Wielomska, A. Wielomski: The Europe of Nations and its Future. Nationalism, Euroscepticism, Natiocratism – nowa książka w serii Biblioteka Konserwatyzm.pl

The topic of the booklet in front of you is the issue of nationalism as well as Euroscepticism in the European Union and in particular a new phenomenon, which is emerging before our eyes, i.e. nationalism at a European level.
European nationalism? This conceptual cluster is internally contradictory only at a first glance. The era when nationalists from one country shot at nationalists from a neighbouring one is a thing of the past. In a globalized world and integrated Europe nationalism perceived in such a way is long gone. It is a historic relic, which could be exhibited in an ideological museum. Its last remaining followers could be dubbed indeed as “dinosaurs”. Contemporary European nationalists, or as they describe themselves – patriots – do not stare into the past and do not cherish memories of prior conflicts. Euro-nationalists are not nostalgic, but they are focusing on the future.
The ascertainment stated above is the result of our trip to the European Parliament in Strasbourg, which we took in December of 2015 and our conversations that we had with the members of the European Parliament associated with the Europe of Nations and Freedom Group consisting of so-called Eurosceptics.
The purpose of this work is to examine the origins, the essence and the perspectives of Euro-nationalism.

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